The Source

Seeking the source from where these words come 

Free will handed over and trust given that the source will flow

Holding still this turbid mind that it may clear and words seen and written

What gems from beyond the horizon today will bring?

On the surf of the tide that ebbs and flows

Catch the wave and feel moved to write down those marvels

And once again to stillness go to halt the interupted flow

Pausing in between the shallows of the seaborn driftwood

Lost again the tide has turned of the mis beguiling mind


I often wonder about my writing style compared to others. It seems that i often just write down what I think at that moment.

Is this style called stream of consciousness? If so it also links nicely in with the spirituality/philosophy that I study/try to live etc

So I decided to give it a fresh go, the above verses written(hopefully)in that manner trusting that the words that came, came from the source.

Please feel free to comment/discuss below


5 thoughts on “The Source

  1. Worry not where it comes from, what the fount is, be grateful to the source and keep it coming. Sometimes torrents, sometimes droplets. 🙂

    I also find my writing reflective of my mood at the moment but I dont know what that’s called.

      1. Yeah, sometimes it does, sometimes there’s a dribble and at others, it just dries up… I just leave it be and come back to it when “the feeling” takes over again. That’s the beauty of blogging – you write and post what you want when you want. There’s no sword hangin over your head in terms of brief, deadlines, content check, etc…

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