The Journey…What do we seek?


What is it that we seek in life…..happiness? A sense of purpose…fulfilled? A feeling that we are doing what we are here for? Enlightenment or at least progress on that path?(if you believe in it). Perhaps a sense that your life has not been wasted? Or that you’ve done more good than harm? Unity with some divine essence that you might believe in?

Perhaps you’d like to write your own blog,whether public or private with your thoughts about what it is we seek. You could put a link to it below. 

Or you could comment below and join in the journey by sharing your view?..

For me I think that all the above examples fit for what it is I seek.


One thought on “The Journey…What do we seek?

  1. I think each individual has a unique calling as to why he/ she is on this planet. Continually discovering and learning more about who we are, and trying above all to be true to ourselves in all that we do. Following the commandment of Love…towards ourselves and our neighbours, that is found in all sacred texts…and this is a personal journey, a rediscovering…organised religions are pointers and tools along the way. It’s a Lifelong journey! When we connect with the Intention of all that lives, with the Cosmos, then we are at ease and fully alive. But how often do we lose focus and get distracted by worldly things? Far too often…

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