The Dust Has Settled


The dust has settled…clarity returned.

Why stir it up?

Do You feel the need to ease your conscience?

When others have moved on,

and left the dust to settle.

Their attention up to date.

Bless them…

Let them rest now.

Rest, Here, Now…

Be Blessed



4 thoughts on “The Dust Has Settled

  1. These 2 photos were taken from the same spot. the first looking downriver…the water that represents the past. the second to the water still to arrive.
    My last Dog… Taffy is buried under my feet.

  2. Deep, heartfelt, words…very moving and very beautiful, and that stretch of the Clyde is so tranquil and still…the calm before the turbulent Falls of Clyde, Bonnington and Corra Linns. Just perfect. Thank you. I never knew Taffy…wish I had…

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