Here I sit by a pond. Pondering. Aware…

What would it be like to be a frog.

Here I sit by a pond, a frog. I am still, aware of my surroundings…. I remain still, aware. A fly passes by, turns and returns. My tongue stretches out and catches it. Swallow. I sit still…aware. A shadow covers over. Splash, dive.

Here  I sit at the bottom of a pond…still…aware

I move to the edge and up under some plants. I poke my head up through the surface and breath…aware. 

I see a human. I remain still …aware. 

Here I sit by a pond…pondering… aware . Am I a human? I ponder therefore I am. 



3 thoughts on “Pondering

  1. This is just lovely…captures the still anticipation of the frog waiting and waiting…until zap…it either eats or has to dive down into the pond. Beautifully atmospheric my dear…”cogito ergo sum”…Descartes inspiration too…a lovely interpretation if the pond. Happy Anniversary! x

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