Old and Decrepid

I am old and decrepid.

I’ve been shoved around all my life

made to fetch and carry by everyone else

heavy loads made me strain and grind where I shouldn’t

I’m past all that now.

I’m just left sitting here

in the garden

whiling away the hours…just sitting.

I am no longer of any use.

For I am broken and old

Left too long with no attention given to me.



4 thoughts on “Old and Decrepid

  1. Nobody likes to be shoved around all their life, I really feel for that wheelbarrow and what it has gone through…at least now it has some peace and quiet and it is being admired for the antique that it is! Folk are even writing poems about it! They don’t make ’em like that anymore. I hope it doesn’t end up on the scrap heap, that would be too sad. šŸ˜ Humans who have gotten old can feel just like this wheelbarrow…no use anymore. thoughtful words…thank you. šŸ˜Š

  2. so lovely! I like being old and decrepit, i am finally being left alone, where i always wanted to be in the first place! It is not my so called “usefulness” that makes me who I am, it is the space inside. So there is something to be said for being “old and decrepit” Peace and light to you, šŸ™‚ Michelle

    1. Thankyou Michelle. The piece was written in hope of such comments. The old ones can somtimes be real treasures where lifes lessons have evolved into a glowing and gentle wisdom that can benefit and be useful to all.

      1. Your words are very true, there is a freedom in age, a wisdom and acceptance of what life is, not a resignation of sorrow but one of joy at the wonder and beauty of life, a setting aside of the junk and unless words and actions and a development of a real appreciation of the goodness in all things and people, although sometimes it is hard to see but again age does bring wisdom and patience. The best to you, Namaste, Michelle

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