About Me

I was born and lived in Kent (uk)until 33 when I moved to Scotland. Now 50 , I am a self employed gardener and happily married to my wife Krystyna . We share a love in spiritual philosophy. I also am into reefkeeping.

I’m new to writing and I apologise now for my poor grammar…must have had my head in the clouds!

Please feel free to comment on my posts. I wont take offence when you tell me it’s lacking skill….I know!

I love discussion so ask me anything you like. Comments always welcome.


8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi

    Nice meeting you, even if it’s virtually! Some of your musings are powerful and the accompanying visuals, evocative. I can connect with many of your thoughts. I’ll be an occasional reader – blame it on work & indiscipline – but I will comment as honestly as I can. Keep writing!

  2. You totally don’t have to respond to question since it’s political but since you live in Scotland I’m curious — would you prefer independence or no??
    Also, nice blog!

    1. Thankyou for your comments on my blog Tom. I do apretiate them and I believe that comments made give meaning to blogging… whereas liking is imo rather feeble and too easy to do(however sometimes I am a hypocrite and when I don’t know what to say I sometimes hit like)
      On your political question as to whether I would prefer independence for Scotland I will answer and give my reasons.
      I believe that the scots and english are like brothers who tend to quarrel given half the chance. However underneath they are brothers and friends. I believe that english and scots should be friends together….running their own lives. Scotland has the brains and talent to run their own country…for better and worse.. but they should run their own lives and not be run by a uk government that when it comes down to it will put England first. Scots are further in disposition to the left of politics than the tories and probably new labout too. yet half the time tories are in charge of them the other half labour…english labour mostly. I personally believe that all scotish parties should be independent of english ties..so scottish labour should cut itself away from the english labour party. I also have very dear Scottish friends who are very pro Scottish independence and are pretty heartbroken not to believe they will ever see independence and scotland standing on its own two feet.
      So generally it’s philosophy that leads my vote..as for politicians I don’t believe they should run countries.

      1. First of all, I totally agree about “liking.” To me a like is really only acceptable when you use it to effectively end a conversation while also notifying the person that you saw her comment. But I too can be a hypocrite.
        Thanks for your answer about Scotland. I genuinely found it very intriguing. Although I am American I follow UK politics very closely. Though I like the idea of the UK staying together because I’ve always thought of it that way, I clearly don’t know as much as Scots or others on the British Isles. Your answer makes very much sense to me, though. Thanks for taking the time to let me know!!

    1. I expect that it is an abundance of sattwa although it could also be darshan….an outpouring of grace from the holy people around. Certainly a blessing on your path. You were meant to be there at that moment and the unfoldment of your life… A page turns. It could also be that due to the sattwa making the area very light you have felt the natural bliss(ananda) of your true self(satchitananda).

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