Till the moon comes again.


Time it is, the tide to turn.

Pull of the moon, pull of the moon.

Gently stirring and drawing to itself.

The sea swelling and lifting,

Swelling and lifting.

Raising up and letting go,

Raising up and letting go.

Waves rolling in to kiss the beach.

Rolling  kissing, rolling kissing.

Driving up and dragging back,

Driving up and dragging back.

Sorting, sifting, pushing up,

Sorting, sifting, pushing up.

Leaving high and dry,

Assorted scraps of dross,

Glistening like morning dew.

Dragging back the shingle.

Moving into memory.

Dragging,  moving, dragging, moving.

Ripping off the bottom, driving along,

Ripping, driving, ripping, driving,

To throw onto some distant shore.

Wind rising, waves rolling,

Wind rising, waves rolling.

Surf flowing down the crest,

Back up and out ahead,

To dive back in…




Till the moon comes again.


Only thing that makes sense


“I’m in amongst nature.

It’s the only thing that makes sense,

Any sense at all.”



Bonnie is Anotterdog. Notterdog,  Anotterdog.IMG_0134

Splishing splashing through the water, hunting what she seeks,

Up and down the riverside and up and down the creeks.

She swims and dives into the water from the banks and rocks.

Up and down the waterfalls and in the bonnie lochs.

Bonnie is anotterdog Notterdog Anotterdog


A Blissful Show

IMG_0127Frogs croaking,blackbird singing at dusk. Blue tits and great tits have been squabbling over nest boxes. Red glowing sunset. A blissful show happening all around. Now.