You and I

Happy is the moment when we sit together,

With two forms, two faces, yet one soul,

You and I

The flowers will bloom forever,

The birds will sing their eternal song,

The moment we enter the garden,

You and I

The stars of heaven will come to watch us

And we will show them the light of the full moon

You and I

No more thoughts of “you” and “I “,

Just the bliss of union-

Joyous, alive, free of care,

You and I

All the bright-winged birds of heaven 

Will swoop down to drink our sweet water-

The tears of our laughter,

You and I

What a miracle of fate, us sitting here.

Even at the opposite ends of the earth

We would still be together,

You and I.

We have one form in this world,

Another in the next,

To us belongs an eternal heaven,

The endless delight of 

You and I

……… Rumi


The Fools Prayer


Oh my God,

I’m a silly sod,

All full of cheer,

But drowned in fear,

Of those out there,

All properly square,

Who look at me,

And all they see,

A man of insanity,

That’s my humanity.

Oh help me please

And put me at ease,

To play my part,

While set apart,

To use my humour,

While sharing rumour,

Of things unheard….

Your holy word.

Such Is Our Plight


It comes and goes

stops and flows

sometimes clear

sometimes near

always just out of sight

such is our plight


Till the moon comes again.


Time it is, the tide to turn.

Pull of the moon, pull of the moon.

Gently stirring and drawing to itself.

The sea swelling and lifting,

Swelling and lifting.

Raising up and letting go,

Raising up and letting go.

Waves rolling in to kiss the beach.

Rolling  kissing, rolling kissing.

Driving up and dragging back,

Driving up and dragging back.

Sorting, sifting, pushing up,

Sorting, sifting, pushing up.

Leaving high and dry,

Assorted scraps of dross,

Glistening like morning dew.

Dragging back the shingle.

Moving into memory.

Dragging,  moving, dragging, moving.

Ripping off the bottom, driving along,

Ripping, driving, ripping, driving,

To throw onto some distant shore.

Wind rising, waves rolling,

Wind rising, waves rolling.

Surf flowing down the crest,

Back up and out ahead,

To dive back in…




Till the moon comes again.


The Source

Seeking the source from where these words come 

Free will handed over and trust given that the source will flow

Holding still this turbid mind that it may clear and words seen and written

What gems from beyond the horizon today will bring?

On the surf of the tide that ebbs and flows

Catch the wave and feel moved to write down those marvels

And once again to stillness go to halt the interupted flow

Pausing in between the shallows of the seaborn driftwood

Lost again the tide has turned of the mis beguiling mind


I often wonder about my writing style compared to others. It seems that i often just write down what I think at that moment.

Is this style called stream of consciousness? If so it also links nicely in with the spirituality/philosophy that I study/try to live etc

So I decided to give it a fresh go, the above verses written(hopefully)in that manner trusting that the words that came, came from the source.

Please feel free to comment/discuss below


The Light

The Light of bare awareness runs through the heart.

Can you feel the bliss of its piercing?

The ecstacy of its power?

The love of its hold?


See a signpost


See a signpost here and there. 

Follow them and don’t despair, 

for I guide you on and on, 

down the road you walk upon.


The Only One

The only one i’ve never seen, always felt

Never felt, always seen

Never heard, always tasted

Never tasted, always heard

Never smelt always loved 

Never loved, always smelt

Always loved,smelt,heard,tasted,felt and seen

Never loved,smelt,heard,tasted,felt or seen

Or somewhere inbetween.


Origami man

newspaper man origami

As I awaken, at the beginningof the day

It seems to me that life is strange in a most peculiar way.

It all joins up together, situations to address,

Bends me to it’s will and then creates my life afresh.

As days unfold my life reveals the depths that lie within….

It’s like I’m made of paper, all folded up and thin.

I look outside and see the rain and contemplate the weather

And then I glance and notice that my skin is made of leather.

I’m in this bendy body that’s creased up by the sun

 Unfolding through the seasons touch of nature being One

I’m an origami man from an origami womb.

When I die they’ll lay me flat in an origami tomb.



Bonnie is Anotterdog. Notterdog,  Anotterdog.IMG_0134

Splishing splashing through the water, hunting what she seeks,

Up and down the riverside and up and down the creeks.

She swims and dives into the water from the banks and rocks.

Up and down the waterfalls and in the bonnie lochs.

Bonnie is anotterdog Notterdog Anotterdog