Journey Into The Unknown

Would you like to join me on a journey into the unknown? You may have a few questions, as do I…

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where are we going?
  3. Which direction?
  4. When are we leaving?
  5. What type of journey is it?
  6. What do we need to take with us?
  7. Where are we leaving from?
  8. Why are we going?
  9. What do we seek?
  10. What should we leave behind?

If you’d like to join me, then feel free to suggest changing or adding any questions


Share your story here…

I could share my story, but my story is not true, just a story made up by me, the ego. 

I’d tell you of all those moments that came to my mind while I was writing it, coloured by my character etched upon the mind over years of sleeping through time. I would tell you of my highs and lows filtered by memory and anxiety of losing my happiness due to reacting to my false perceptions of your false perceptions.

 I could share my story here…

But it’s not true! Just a misty view.


Origami man

newspaper man origami

As I awaken, at the beginningof the day

It seems to me that life is strange in a most peculiar way.

It all joins up together, situations to address,

Bends me to it’s will and then creates my life afresh.

As days unfold my life reveals the depths that lie within….

It’s like I’m made of paper, all folded up and thin.

I look outside and see the rain and contemplate the weather

And then I glance and notice that my skin is made of leather.

I’m in this bendy body that’s creased up by the sun

 Unfolding through the seasons touch of nature being One

I’m an origami man from an origami womb.

When I die they’ll lay me flat in an origami tomb.

Awaken now what sleeps within!

20140814_170817Do you feel you’re running on air?

No more faith, no love to spare.

feeling thin and feeling flat,

A washed out, discarded, broken rat.

What can I do? What can i say?

I see you cry.  I hear you pray

To that which sleeps deep down within,

That gives you faith, that lets you sing

That keeps your fragile heart aglow

That you might live and you might know

The way to walk. The way to flow

The way to dance. The way to go.

To fill your heart with love to spare

To make you whole and make you care

’bout those who, are feeling grim?

Awaken now what sleeps within!

The Vision


All around in the gloom, the back of a multitude of heads, still and silent.

On the hill, such a face of awesome wonder.

Shining out from the left eye, a beam of light moving to and fro.

It comes for me. I think “this is going to hurt” but hold my gaze.

Lifted up. Filled with love, bliss and joy.

I hear a voice, “Make a statue of yourself three and a half by two and a half by two and a half”

White floor, white wall, silence,

Mind thinks” I need to find a sculptor to make a statue of me”

End of vision